Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas Bird Count - and whether Santa's elves get caught and counted too

Today is Orillia's annual bird count
Owen  - maybe Oscar and Evan too - has expressed concern that perhaps Santa's elves who are flitting back and forther checking whether Owen - maybe Oscar and Evan too - has been nice each time he has been checked, might be at risk of being caught and counted by mistake.
At last report from Santa's workshop all elves accounted for, Sir!

Now Norrie, on the other hand has been concerned that her red-haired fairy has been taken captive, maybe being mistaken for a red-headed woodpecker. There have been many look-alikes and stand-ins.
Chickadees pretending to be woodpeckers:

And there are Downies picking up after people like fairies often do or did:

But none resembling a long lost red-headed fairy.

Today birds only need be counted not captured so Owen, you can relax - if you have been good, and Norrie, maybe no news is good news?

PS Owen, did you know that birds are related to dinosaurs? Just a thought for the future.



  1. My imagination needs an astronomical application, don't you think?