Sunday, 24 May 2020

Everything is "Ducky" with the wise old bird

Spring cleaning reached the kayak yesterday, thanks to Elisabeth and Jeromy. So I went out, too, and returned with memories from land and water.

At Leacock on May 15

And again yesterday

And then across at Tudhope - Canada geese last week

And yesterday

I found the lighting unreal - like I was seeing a painting.

There was also a Mallard family. The drake was herding the whole family, Mom, too. This was in contrast with the Leacock family which also had a drake well out of the "picture".

He finally got them all together

Anf peace returned to Mariposa.


Saturday, 23 May 2020

Einfuhrung = Introduction

Durham Forest - Oak Ridges Moraine

Wir waren etwas bei "D" in Oak Ridges, quelle für Duffin Creek Ost (rechte Arm)


Canadians are well educated, and understand the law and so have no problems obeying it. Social distancing, wearing a mask, dog on the leash, paying taxes, saying "Sorry, eh!" Wahrscheinlich auswanderer von der Eifel -Ardenne!

Old forest -200 years old - the road-trail-Weg was never built.

Mai Apfel!

And fiddle heads oder Geigerkopf - gebratten in Butter =  lecker -

Und was wir gesucht haben -

White Trillium.

Aber oben ist normal - es gibt doch andere:

Und dann

Und viel mehr, many more variations, Volker!


Friday, 22 May 2020

WOB plays "cupid" for "wingéd messenger"?

Last night:

And tonight:

That is the side of the condo on the left.

Rapid movement between Thursday and Friday. Won't push my Raven's feathers to get to tomorrow.


Thursday, 21 May 2020

The Moon and the Raven

I first saw the Raven trying to eat the Sun on June 30, 1954. I had saved for a year to buy a roll of Ektachrome and then found I did not have enough money to pay for the developing. I did better in 1963 - July 20th at Moose River Crossing, north of Cochrane - 70 seconds before Raven got indigestion and spat out the sun, Aug 1999 was not good - 8/8 cloud cover from the ground up . boy was that dark and eerie.This was filmed in PAL - pitch black with the reaction of a class of grade XII students . very impressive.

The camera club suggested the challenge of photographing the moon and so I thought this series might be interesting. The first, the introduction, was The Moon and the Turtle.
Now I want to try for the New Moon. October 24, 2014.

The first gives the impression several of us had standing on the shore of Bass Lake above the town:

Not the best for astronomy but a colourful warm sunset. However by changing the exposure and using a mylar film right in front of the camera  I could  get a more astronomical result:

Note the sunspots,

By 2017 there were still a  few sunspots to be see. August 21 -

There were several different approaches:

Vicki and I were at Mikisew Provincial Park wheere I took these 3 shots:

The last 2 photos  give different "worldly points of view.

Cheers, Raven,