Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Earth Hour Part II - the Condo

Part I with Intro can be found here,

Today I want to look at north facing side of our condo, the side on which we also live.

Before Earth Hour started at 20:30 this is how the building appeared, with west being to the right and east lying to the left.

That is bearly the complete north facing side of the building and easy to see in the twilight.  Sunset was off to the right edge about an hour before.

Here are some more detailed shots from west to east:

About 20 minutes later, around 20:31 the 2 scenes look like this_

The upper corners, both west and east show less light.

At 20:57 floor 5 left of the  centre vertical column now has an extra bright light:

I was puztzled by this since I saw the light being turned on with a person in the middle of the room. The person turned and appeared to walk away/out of the room never to be seen by me during the rest of the evening.

At 21:13 not much change -

Ar 21:21 similar:

And then finally at 21:33, after Earth Hour was over:

The top floor lights at the west end are back on.

This year I bought and used a sky brightness meter. I'll link to its use and table the results another day. I wrote down the readings at the time so my memory is not involved.


Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Earth Hour intro + Part I

Intro means my first participation here in Canada thanks to our food friend, Tony, who did all the work for us, including getting the dry ice.

Well received  -

There was a small but significant drop in electricity demand indicating a public awareness.

Now on Saturday, I observed our neighbours  in Part I.



There is a progression during some 40min - 20 min intervals between shots. Note the bright light at the right end went out with more than 10 minutes remaining.

And after the end of Earth Hour -

A definite improvement.

We'll see what a reminder does in Part II another day. Don't hold your breath.


Sunday, 29 March 2020

Photo Bomb

Lots of excitement today so Earth Hour last night will have to wait. However, I did not want to leave you empty handed. So here are some visitors to Langman's Sanctuary on Friday

Oh Canada:

Too much nationalism?

The women will have their day too.

Vicki and I  did not feed these birds - qw just sat quietly and clicked with them, obviously.

Dozens more characters if you ever wanted to count birds rather than sheep-


Thursday, 26 March 2020

And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.

I have spent so much of my life trying to "connect" that I now find it difficult to disconnect, also socially, during our pandemic. We would work so hard and then came that day, usually a Friday, when we would send our manuscript away for refereeing and publication. The relief!

It was Saturday, Sept 28, 2013, I believe, when Vicki and I were at Long Point to hear Colin Jones talk to us about dragonflies and their migration. And how we could help/ citizen science. I thought about the idea and realized that I could give a talk connecting the Big Bang and Dragonfly Migration. I think I actually did this at the Carden Centre on Wed Aug 9, 2017.

On Tuesday Mar 24, I spent an hour or so next door at the Leacock estate contemplating and observing several birds. I was wondering about connecting several ideas for Killarney when my attention was grabbed by a delightful little bird. And it lead me to the title that you have to place on Dec 24/25, and maybe even bacl some 70 years or so. A little tenuous for you?

Consider this, to quote REM,

Just checking!

And so now you have the connection.


(And to all a good night.)