Thursday 18 July 2024

Saturday July 13, 2024

The night was clear


and the Moon was yellow





I was standing  in front of home watching the sheaf of wheat being harvested.







Monday 8 July 2024

Why I live in Orillia

 I looked out from my living room this morning:

I stepped outside:

The wire is to keep the Canada geese afloat - but I think an Osprey does a neat job too.

Wobbily OB

Sunday 2 June 2024

Going for a Song

 As I was walking

that ribbon

 I got to thinking about birds in hands and bushes -

What is it? How does the saying go?

Too late!


Sunday 19 May 2024

Team Work

 While Vicki was watching the comings and goings around Reagan House, I walked over to inspect an unusual  "bunch" of Trilliums "we" have been studying for several years. I was last "there" on Tuesday May 2nd:

and all seemed in order - note the lichen growth to the right and below the ribbon.

Yesterday, I thought I was "there" but where was the ribbon?

There cannot be any doubt about the tree, can there? But where was the clump?


This is how it appeared  2 weeks earlier:

Sad am I without thee.


A little bird told me

 Am I getting great?

No, not really. Vicki guided me to the bird.

So Spring has sprung, the grass is riz

I wonder where the birdie is

- you know this?

The spelling of the word "riz" apparently can be traced back to 1494

- maybe not authoritative enough.


What about the "hand of man" in the following?

 Are these any better?

Does it bother anyone that these are digital photos, digits as derived from fingers, maybe?

What is the answer? Or perhaps there is not even a question?


Saturday 11 May 2024

Aurora Alert!

PS Updated most recently on Friday May 17, 2024 

Unfortunately, I do not have my own photo of the sunspot group that caused this aurora but it probably looked similar to the one I photographed in March, link in a new page.

 There is an interesting article in Sky&Telescope comparing the sensitivity of the eye with a cell phone.

 The blue text is "clickable" to outside web pages for more details.

 Took nearly 200 photos tonight/Friday May 10 and now on Sat in the wee hours here is one.

Pleasant dreams  - dream of Olwen?

Dare I walk onto the balcony?

 That is twilight - dawn from Rama above the reflections in the Lake. The aurora has changed to a reddish glow - the 6300 A forbidden line oxygen about 800Km above the Earth,  It was present earlier but not as dominant as the green emission, also from oxygen at the more modest altitude of some 200km - below the orbit of the ISS.

 I made a video of stills looking due North - Polaris is just below and left of the black (drain) pipe.

 Here is a finder chart to help:

 Let me see if it works here:

The Big Dipper's "handle" is just to the right of the jut from the building 3/4 up the left side of the building. It is only 8 frames of 2 seconds exposure approximately every 15 sec, Hope it is not too big.

I suspect that the Sun shining on the atmosphere at 200km heated it up so that emission was mostly quenched. The emission at 800km is a forbidden one that usually can decay via collisions. However, at 800km the collisions occur every few minutes and so are not so strongly affected by the input of solar energy,

(Auroral excitation of the forbidden lines of atomic oxygen )

 And from the outside looking down;

 Notice the light pollution, too.

Also there were clouds that I found "pretty":

I noticed this morning that others were also making comparisons to the aurora of Oct 2003.

I too observed it - the red glow was very conspicuous. Initially Vicki feared the oil refinery in Wesseling might have "gone up". 

The photo was taken on film and then digitized, (Kuchenheim NRW Germany)


PS Additions to the blog made up to Thursday May 16

Sunday 28 April 2024

Yesterday - actually some 70 years ago ...

 There was a genre of jokes I seem to recall - I don't mean the "knock-knock" ones, but rather the kind that went "That's as funny as ..." Do you recall any of them?

I can only recall one

... that's as funny as an ant on a match stick on a moat

calling out

raise the draw bridge

The ants were traumatized - it seems that all their uncles were also ants.