Thursday, 7 June 2018

Thunderclouds and Birch trees

The ups and downs of life - nature, society,

This was on Monday, on the Carden Alvar.

Quite a changeable day,

We saw maybe a dozen different birds that we could identify with potentially many more for the experts.

Hope the ill wind brings some good to Carden and Ontario,



Sunday, 3 June 2018

A bit of a Hummer

I have seen the hawk-moth in Germany. And last year I saw something similar on a Carden Alvar called a hummingbird moth. However, it wasn't until yesterday that I saw one with a camera. (Can you imagine a moth with a Go-Pro?)

Waldo was easy to spot, wasn't it?


Friday, 1 June 2018

McGee has fallen

Saw a dozen or more "exotic" bird species yesterday on Wylie and Shrike. Took time to look at McGee, too. Fitzgerald Line might be interesting to visit for water monitoring - ?

Up and further up.
Side banks:

Down stream is very narrow compared to a few weeks ago:

But the real shock was at the bridge itself. I walked out on the "beaver" lodge to get a better view looking north with the stream flowing form right to left:

Maybe 10cm deep ? Have not seen it this low since August 2016.
Did not see any minnows but there were a couple of dragonflies, no damsels.25C, some showers and sunshine, breezy.