Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Sun and Moon and Venus and Mercury

I was reminded tonight at the camera club that I had not completed night sessions from Sunday March 18th

There were 7 of us on Saturday, 3 on Sunday Mar 18, 1/me on Monday Mar 19 and 3 on Tue Mar 20 (this time with no camera).

Here is what the sky looked like on Sunday March 18:

The moon was difficult to see at first.

Matching exposures to pick up all three:

 Moon lower left,                                   Venus centre                    and Mercury between the red lines

To show how rapidly the moon moves relative to the line Venus - Mercury, I took some images from the earthobservatory blog: as seen from Spain 6 hours earlier:

by Annie Lewis in Madrid.

From Lakeland Florida:

by Michael Holland.

Mine when the moon was 34h 57m old:

The angle to the horizton is a function of the latitude of the observer - I was further north than Michael Holland in Florida.

And finally from Mike Morrison in Seattle Washington, approx 3 hours later:

So the moon does move!


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