Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The Snowbirds returned last night ...

I look forward to every season - change brings adventure. And surprises, although last night was not really a surprise even if I did not know what to expect, i.e., what the surprise might be. The Orillia Naturalists headed down Woodlawn which is always a great place. Then there were cries of "otter" but I think it otter to have been "beaver", for there were at least 2 visible at the same time.

Donald, I know, took several photos much better than mine. Then there was a shout as a Great Blue Heron flew into view for a moment. I scrambled for what I thought would be a one-timer. Surprise, there were at least 6 in 1 group plus a solitary.

Here are just 2. Then several took off.

With this much snow falling, it is no wonder we did not see the other "snowbirds" - like Snowy owls, or Snow geese.

Still, a wandering hiker gathers no snow - old adage - seems still to be true:

I did have to clean the snow off the car.which still had its Winter tires on.


 PS The world looks like this, this morning:


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