Saturday, 13 June 2020

What happened next - seeing stars at the ol' drinking hole

So, dear Kim, I saw so much, too much for a single blog, and so much variety for even a single theme, like a bird bath. It would be easy to pass and pause on it. However, I am sitting just 4-5m away, a ring-side seat as it were, and the photos are mostly in focus although I am excited.

Let us start by seeing the  "stars".

Round 2

Some ruffled feathers

And then the others wanted to get into the action,

A Dove -

A pair of Cowbirds -

An American Robin -

It survived!

And then a special fly-over -

So, Kim and Jens, that is a part of all that I saw. I won't show the Osprey, the Heron, or the Turkey Vulture, or the other birds I could not identify. Leave something for you when you can visit us. Hope everyone is safe and healthy.


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  1. Splish splash :-)

    Lovely photos!

    Kim /.