Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Interior Decoration

My sister and brother-in-law decorated their home after more than 5 decades and 3 generations growing up there. One of my fondest memories is their dog nose to nose with our daughter one Christmas more than 40 years ago. (A good recommendation of love and friendship.) So Monday evening I sat thoughtfully at the dinning room table and contemplated light and form.

This is maybe the usual way, and then off-centre to be "read" from left to right and top to bottom. But it does not have to be so:

Nothing will fall out! I liked the texture at the base, so:

And other objects of interest, smooth on rough:

Same spoon and table cloth but with a change in the definition of white.

I also played with brightness and contrast:

I also played with the light fixture which was just about 40cm above these objects . I shall leave them for another occasion, maybe. So the viking exhibit was very stimulating.


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