Monday, 12 February 2018

you will automatically prefer the one with the creamy bokeh

That is what the good web said! Actually, it was quite early for me; the sun had riz, I wondered where the birdy iz. So I grabbed my camera, put on my slippers, and went out on balcony feeling "unlike" -12C in the wind and PJs - just for you, Anne, just for you:

I did not have my glasses on and could still see the cardinal. I had not had any coffee - yet; since been alleviated. Virtual reality. Spring will follow! (I hope)



  1. Oh I'm glad a cardinal has found you. For your information, the solo male cardinal I saw and heard last week has a lady friend. I saw the two of them quietly getting acquainted this morning in the top branches of a tree. In time for Valentine's Day!!!

  2. You must be right - Wednesday is heating up to plus 4 C tomorrow afternoon!