Friday, 2 February 2018

Re: Movies

Some comments:

"Hi Bill,
Your pictures make even a squirrel look cute."

And how about this observation:

" Touche on the weather prognostication. But a blog to commemorate whether there are clouds on a certain date at a certain time?"

My reply was:
 "There are blogs for a solar eclipse that lasted 60 seconds - an event, if there are no clouds, at a certain date and time. What/which makes sense?"
So somebody wanted to see me as a shadow of my former self:
my legs have never been my problem, weight-wise.  Other parts are hard to bear, even harder to bare.
Skin cancer from too much sun. Let us keep to shadows today:

(Looking North at midday but not today.)

Ice crystals have been a theme for me for many decades - actually I had a summer job shaving Alberta hail stones, can you imagine?

I have asked my audience to contribute  diamonds when I am making comets. They are relieved when I tell them that their diamonds are much too big for my comets; I want nano diamonds.

Lets end with a squirrel, snow ploughing through to "Nuts for Nature":

Powdered conditions.


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