Thursday, 25 February 2021

Virtual reality

 Or how I get excited while out birding:

I was down by the Narrows, on the Lake Simcoe shore.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear:

Ii was stocking the Mallards!

How I wish my sister was here - she is always teasing me.

But sadly, she was not. She has been vaccinated, however, as a care giver. She is much much younger than I am - I know I can remember when she arrived.

Brought by a stork?


Saturday, 20 February 2021

Fog toward Tudhope

 This morning there was a fog. Difficult to photograph a whiteout - so I waited until I woke up?

I took photos in other directions as well. However, while I could hear the snowmobiles I could not see them, so the contrast between white fog and white snow is minimal.


Did you go looking for more owls or swans?

 The question was asked! I don't usually do requests - unless I am asked!

(Does anyone know who I am quoting?)

So actually I saw these swans a swimming and then a flying and I thought;

"The virtual Snowbirds are returning!!

Can Spring be far behind?


Friday, 19 February 2021

Barred from comments? Whoo said soo: whoo cooks 4 U, whoo cooks 4 U all?

 Arni recently complained that Snowy owls tended to sit on poles thus disqualifying them from photo contests because of the "hand of man" criterion.

So this is a fence, a horizontal "pole" and evidence of man interfering with nature. And the following, from yesterday would all definitely be "Barred", too:

Of course, these are photos of a Barred owl that Vicki and I saw north of Rama. I have never felt threatened by these birds although there were attacks by hawks against runners who wore red hats - like I use to wear! So I was taken by the possibility that a Barred owl might have been involved in a murder!



The Barred I saw yesterday was more interested in other prey than my green and white wool hat - but I

was ready to photograph it if it had flown closer to me.

There is also a connection to Black History Month as well. We owe a lot to Mother Nature. Less we forget.

Wily or wobbly, wizen or wise, old = yes bird with a Bill

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Sunday February 14 - Many women feel obliged to give chocolates to all male co-workers, except when the day falls on a Sunday, a holiday

 So today comes with a health warning?

We are a year into our quarantine and I thought what has happened to all my friends? And I think the answer is that I have more - and you too:

Of course it is not true:

So what's it all about, Alfi? The legend you can read yourself, if you want. 

I turned to Mother Nature on Thursday to see what she had to say:

The Trumpeter swans were very "vocal". There is much to learn from these birds:

I wish everyone good health and much pleasant company "today" and tomorrow - which never comes-

Warm feather hugs to all,


Thursday, 10 December 2020

Tutorial - Walking on Air

 One of my readers in Europe wrote asking whether one could learn to walk on air by starting on water, on water because it is softer if you don't miss. His example was:

Gute Frage, Volker.

So here or "hier" in Canada, I use a Canada goose, one of the snowbirds that is quite common here or hier.

It appears to work, and at about the same height above ground that I achieved. However, when I asked a student to try this watery technique these were the results:

I think "Ouch"! Probably difficult to get speed up with the snow-shoe size footwear. The Canada goose footprint is comparable to my running shoe size footprint.

Thanks/Danke Volker.

Any other questions or comments?