Sunday 22 October 2023

Orionids and Bison

 It has been "wet" here. And we were "in the wet" Friday when we went looking for a reported and photographed bison. Got to be reel real right? Well, no.

And it was raining -

So no Orionids and no Bison and that's no Bull

Just remember though, that pictures of cows are free but the bull charges. Helpful photo hints from the field,



Thursday 19 October 2023

I get by with a little help from my friends

 So a week ago Donald reported a sighting but it was gone by the time Vicki and I arrived. 

Last night I asked him if I had been at the right spot - yes - and was he interested - yes - in going back there today - yes but he couldn't. But I could and just after 2PM:

There it was.


Thank you, Donald!


Sunday 15 October 2023

Once upon a time my camera was broken

 So if Newton can walk a beach and admire the stones, why can't I?

                      A bag of colourful stones gathered at various times in various places.

I am taking my inspiration from some pottery Vicki found attractive while I was training to run a race in Thüringen, along the Rennsteig.

So here is the sculpture:

Vicki and I actually saw an eagle catch a fish at Chatterton Falls in 1991 when we left the cameras in the tent. But the memories ...

So  I did a preliminary in Killarney in August 2015:

Vicki's camera was used to capture the ephemeral.

Then when she was away in 2018 I had the balcony for my stage,


Es ist absichtlich frei - zu wiederholen, zu leben, zu atmen, und weiter zu fliegen und schwimmen.

Do I need to translate that?


Sunday 8 October 2023

Greetings from Muskoka

 And I don't mean the chair!

This is Jan's successful interaction in soothing international tensions:

It is the annual "studio tour" of art by Mother Nature and her friends. We were "out and about" yesterday.

We saw some countryside.


in artists' work -

The above canvas was illuminated by sunlight entering through a window in the upper left. There had been strong shadows, However, by waiting for the rain clouds to move about appropriately I was able to get this spotlight.

After 3 years of Covid, I found the artists very open to discussion. Maybe they always were and it is I who is more open?


Sunday 1 October 2023

Stand and wait

 "When I Consider How My Light is Spent" 

F-stop, shutter speed, ISO,

half my days, in this dark world . as an astronomer.

Can I stand on one leg and make a living?

To see the world as others see it, to understand -


Instead of just awishin

 So is it the new camera, or simply me talking quietly to fellow bird brains, chawin' away about favourite fishing holes?

Seems obvious, doesn't it!

When one talks about fishing one doesn't often talk about how important "foot work" is, and the necessity to keep "feet".

It obviously pays off.