Monday 25 March 2024

A comparison of solar cameras

 In preparing for the solar eclipse in 2 weeks time I have been trying to photgraph the sun through eclipse-type filters.

This my original:

I next compared it to an image taken with the SDO satellite some 1.5 million

kilometers inside the orbit of the Earth, near Lagrange point L1

 It is a collection of photos made into a film, like an animated "GIF".

So I went back to my image, cropped it and stretched certain intensities and the result is  the following:

After a bad day, I am feeling better!

Let the eclipse come,



PS I am using a P1000 Nikon

Saturday 9 March 2024

Wool Gathering

 In Scotland, playing golf often meant searching for the golf ball on the fairway  among tufts of wool shed by sheep who actually were the real players on the course - I certainly was not!


So, today, I was woolgathering - my thoughts . when I spotted somthing that "did not belong" and yet there it was:

There on the marge of Lake Couch was  ... could it be  ... an otter?

Splish, splash, all on a Saturday as per command - director's cut!

Someone say "cute beastie"?

Don't hit me - I know I'm hansom -

Wool o' the Braids,



Tuesday 5 March 2024

The "true" sign of the return of Spring

 Dear Folk and Gentle People,

You want to know when Spring will appear on the ground and not as an event from a white-domed astronomer? Well, listen up

We are not concerned with Punxsutawney Phil

Nor with Wiarton Willie whose accuracy ranges from 90% for the "believers" to 25% which is worse than just random guessing - so systematic - do as I say, not as I do`.


Rather, look for the return of the snow birds, they know.

 (They said I was gullible - a good trait for a wise old bird - and I believed them.)

These are my "snow birds" and they were escorting the equivalent of the groundhog, the Sandhill cranes:



And now Spring has sprung and released ....
Whatever that is?

PS That was yesterday, Mon Mar 4 and the temperature was plus 18°C on 2 independent thermometers about 10m apart - so it must be true?

Saturday 2 March 2024

Swirls of Diamonds

 On the soles of her feet:

Colour and Black and White in memory of a friend:

And a wave frozen in time, March 5th, 2014: