Sunday 5 June 2022

There is more good news than bad

She told us that she took her flashlight and went down in the basement. The power went out and the storm arrived, fierce, loud, lightning and thunder - Amadeus.

Not 20m away from the fallen Maple.

The side of the house untouched:

There were several houses in Greenwood with damge still visible 2 weeks later, No photos.

This vista is just 30° to the left of the line to the Maple.

 A serene Spring day, just 2 weeks later.


Saturday 4 June 2022

A derecho, pronounced deh-REY-cho, is a long-lived, fast-moving thunderstorm

The date was May 21st, 2022, Uxbridge.

Two weeks later we visited a friend and saw the damage to a 20m long - once tall, Maple.

Note the person in the lower right corner of the picture.

Just wind:


So many memories -

This Saturday's visit had an echo of the wind storm.

A kind of post script:

"So far, field crews with the Northern Tornadoes Project have identified at least one EF2 tornado, which hit Uxbridge, Ont., with wind speeds of up to 195 km/h."

Traveling along the road to Greenwood and in Greenwood itself we saw more evidence of damage caused by that brief storm.


wobbly old 


wizened odd