Tuesday 21 February 2017

Picture this!

Sorry, YH, I am progressing but slowly.

And maybe we both need a break, a breakdown of the 10 days or so in pictures.
Mon Feb 13
Deers can read:

And the beaver that could not sleep:

Tuesday - skating or the wobbly old bird. Actually, no selfies, please.

And for colour:

Wednesday Feb 15 - fateful day last year. This year better - we have a grip on winter:
With skiing on Mon, skating on Tue, it seemed only fitting to snowshoe on Wed to complete the triathlon over to Leacock
Thur Feb 16, also on snowshoes, a couple of wintery outlooks before Summer:

Fri Feb 17 Carthew Bay and resident:

a Pileated Woodpecker.
Sat sizzling Summer the 18th and sunny hot 11C PLUS at the least:

Sunday was also hot and sunny - just went over to Tudhope with Vicki:

I went biking on Monday/Family Day - morning and afternoon in Orillia, and then in the gym!
And today I went back to Carthew Bay and there were some new tracks. And then it started to rain!
I snowshoed, used the strider and bike in the gym and then swam 200m - and I still weigh too much!

W O B - where the "w" is taking on an unwanted meaning.

Sunday 12 February 2017

Aktuelle Stunde

For those who do not understand German: each picture contains 1000 English words!

So ich habe gerade mit Jörg geskypt - und so viel Schnee hat ihn kaput gemacht. Er liegt bald ins Bett.

Und will nicht schaufeln

Und hier oben auch:

Nachher kann mit Sport erholen: weißwasser Canadier paddeln:

In der unendlichen Weite:

So, all you snowbirds who have survived this far  


Friday 10 February 2017

North Pole weather

I dislike doing this but...

the weather at the North Pole is warmer than it is here!

I don't think I am using the term weather correctly. On the other hand I don't intend to ship palm trees northward any time soon.


PS Santa is not in any danger - except from Hollywood and Wall Street. Who could have imagined the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon? Cannot happen again, could it? Ought this "WOB" be the last one? Can I "Hitch" a ride with somebody down the MW?

Thursday 9 February 2017

Birding at Wye Marsh

It was suppose to be a snowshoe excursion - to my knowledge. However, to my delight it was a lot more. 3 raptors were brought in and shown to us: Redtail hawk, Barn owl and a European tawny owl:

Outside there were many bird feeders and feeding birds:

And those who profited -

In the evening the Camera Club met :  Backlit Images Can you tell which ones came from Vicki and me?
Apologies to those who cannot see this CA-land  video.


Tuesday 7 February 2017

More Hazards and/or Dangers

The weather net described freezing rain tonight

I don't know about that - I found diamonds had been falling from the sky!

I felt like Paul Simon dancing with diamonds on the sole and soul of my 2 feet.


Monday 6 February 2017

Hazards of Winter Driving

Actually, I had to look this up: I really mean danger

So Dangers of winter driving:

low over the centre of the road---
Now I have stopped the car because this is the 4th turkey to fly across and I spotted him early. Yes, through the windscreen.

They don't fly fast - but then I had to switch to manual focus - I am on the road.

I was returning from Carthew Reserve mid afternoon.

At least 1 hole made by a pileated woodpecker - the top one.

 Stood here for awhile - a large bird flew off heavily as I was arriving - a grouse, maybe?