Wednesday 1 February 2017

Feb 2 is Groundhog Day

It is probably fair to say that when this day went west 175 years ago, the tradition in Europe died. At least I never encountered it between Feb 2 1968 in Scotland through many adventures to Feb 2010 in Kuchenheim.

So here is "the story"

And here is Horst of Panic Point fame:

Those photos were from 2010. The following were taken a year later:

However, since that time - climate change or what have you - like dogs - we have had drought in summer and rain in Spanish Orillia lying on the plane plain of Couchiching in great Leacock manner during January.

I like winter - it was one reason for returning to CA-land from DE-land. However, Germany has had - at times, not always - colder snowyier weather than I have experienced here. Too much political hot air not representing the voters wishes proportionately? Who knows?


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