Sunday 30 April 2017

Its all "Relative"

The Wise Old Bird  -

has a problem: (s)he does not know who her/his relatives are.

This wobbled warbler off Burnside Line ?

Or is this a Snipe at Tiny marsh or ... ?

And is this bird

a song sparrow?

And for some relief - a hawk, but not David!

And at McGee - what kind of - sparrow? -

Or is it? (The same bird)

And this one, to conclude - a Lark Sparrow, maybe? Seen on Friday on Fairground Road at Division East:

I would appreciate feed-back before Thursday, if possible; but then anytime is also appreciated.


Saturday 29 April 2017

2,700 tons of Maple Syrup! Men sentenced for stealing

I felt I had to write to let you know

it wasn't me!

Santa, the wise old bird, the road runner, and the fossil! Still free, much to the delight of "Dentistry on West" who have reprimanded me on occasion for my like - love? - of maple syrup. I think Tom might still be a little wary of my visits in Feb, Mar, April - but I would never do such a thing.

I just wanted to write this account - but I haven't posted any photos for awhile. Maybe just a couple to mark our changing climate: Marsh marigolds are out already, at elevation, exposed to the elements. Photos from McGee Creek on Thursday.

Per "Du" mit Maike.


Und für Jörg:

 Langstreckläufer!  More than 2km of hills for starters, grass and/or sand on the shoulders

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Why was winter invented - an answer set to music

The previous entry has not let me rest. Today is actually a fine Spring day, bright overcast dry 15C, hardly a breeze, birds singing and flying about.

I have no cause to complain - yet. I know what is coming.

Weight-loss, blood donations, upper body exercises, baseball: swatting flies!

There is a lot of nice things that can be said for snow flakes.

And as an after thought to winter,
maybe a young girl's thoughts?

Who needs summer!


What time is ... KLF

Somebody was asking me this morning when will summer arrive?

And I said after the next snowfall! (But before July 1st, or even June 21st, 2017.)

Actually I saw this picnic table all ready and waiting for Kawartha ice cream to arrive:

i think this is pretty cool, don't you?

Reminds me of a children's birthday party, with house nicely decorated:

April 25th - now, please don't say I don't have a sense of humour! Now I must get back to checking that list.


And for those of you still interested in
what time is love - well ... 

Sunday 23 April 2017

295 Images later

I have been busy - TO, Taxes, and Tiny - plus also a good Scout.

On Thursday evening walking with Muriel and Donald I was surprised at how little regard was given to seeing a robin. I like robins, especially European ones, but North American ones are also very colourful.

That was Thursday evening, between rain showers. (Along the rail trail, north of Division Road East.)
The bird was cold.
Today was another story, written in Scout Valley, at 16C and sunny:

I think quite attractive.

Yesterday at Tiny Marsh, it was a red squirrel that made it to this page:

The end of this tail.

Have a great week - W O B

For the comment below:

 (From Wed Oct 7, 2015, south of Leduc, Alberta, Canada - wob)

Thursday 13 April 2017

"Green" Thursday - oder Gründonnerstag - further evidence for Frühling

When I looked out this morning I noticed that for approx 1st time since Oct 27 2016, the snow was gone from the terrace.
This morning:
And it all began with our first snowfall back on Oct 27, 2016:

The snow didn't stay them - and it might come back tomorrow!

Nov 23:
And on Nov 24:
But ...
Nov 26 above and Nov 27 below
As the song goes, 24 little hours.

And then it seemed to be business as usual.
Dec 7
Dec 22:
Terrasse starting to fill up.
Feb 26 and Mar 24:

However, note that there was grass below, in the background.

The lamb-lion effort on March 30:

Kind of pretty, don't you think?
April 7 - 2 weeks ago:
However compare April 4, next, with April 9:

And then in quick succession:

April 11:
April 12:
And today, April 13, Green Thursday. Sort of sad, don't you think? Even if fitting and appropriate.