Monday 3 April 2017

A catch so big/beeeg that I do not have to lie - wouldn't anyway

Dear Diary,
Dorthea has been after us to use dip nets to see what is living below the surface of our streams. A couple of weeks ago I pulled up snails per 30cm drag along the bottom. And yesterday was similar.
However, the current was very strong/I am very weak (minded?). So in an act of scientific curiosity I extended
the net into the main stream of current (thought) and pulled in a surprise.

Now it may seem strange, but I had seen such a fish before in our pond in Germany - a stickelback. They are incredibly interesting fish, a delight to observe, very entertaining - trout leave them alone!

But what kind? 5 spines so I googled 5-spine stickelback and got three! I got help this morning and I have Brook Stickelback.
How big? Here comes Home Hardware to the rescue:

He doesn't look to happy here but he swam away alright seconds later. Now if he like the previous ones I got to know, there won't be too many males around, maybe none for several meters of stream, but there might be several females. I did not catch any more. Will try again soon. Maybe some tips at the forth coming Spring Refresher Course will help me .


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  1. The refresher course is now planned for Mon Apr 24, afternoon