Wednesday 28 September 2016

Can you keep a secret?

Ever ask a fisherman, woman or child, where she caught that fish, so beeg that one does not have to lie about it?

Well, today I went out to ask the wise old birds that question:

And this was where she directed me:

Of course, I was sworn to secrecy and can not reveal what the "bait" was. By the way I spent most of my time just drifting with the breeze and the ripples. Not hard to take.


Cosmology: dark energy, dark matter: Nature Volume 537 Issue 7622

Nature today has a series of articles written to help you begin to understand what the problems are and how they might be solved: There are some issues with the links -first and last work inside the blog.

The dark universe   pdf
Richard Hodson

Revealing the dark universe     pdf
 Mark Zastrow

Dark energy: Staring into darkness    pdf
Stephen Battersby 

The dark universe: 4 big questions    pdf
 Neil Savage

Dark matter: What's the matter?    pdf
Jeff Hecht

 And  2 Q&A:

Q&A: George Smoot   pdf


Q&A: Brian Schmidt    pdf

Tuesday 27 September 2016

A pair of "sea" geese - mergansers - at Leacock

Weather had been poor - stong winds, stronger gusts and some rain. It actually rained on me at the end but I did not mind. Here are some images as they prepared to head out.

Some fun - and very fast.



Kp - not kitchen patrol - varied enough to keep me up until 1:30am with another session around 4:30am. There might be something - but I did not risk waking Vicki!


Looks cloudy at 23:45 - or -

What is that low greenish patch ?

Certainly not there at 00:53 -

Some people were in hibernation, others in denial!

W O B - certainly!

Monday 26 September 2016

Rainbows over Tudhope

It rained today, 15C, wet and windy - gusty too. However, around 6pm there were some rays of sunshine and I ventured out to see the low lighting:

And now I learn that there is a faint possibility to see aurora this night - will stay up for awhile and see if there is a second pot of gold in Couch.


Friday 23 September 2016

Encounters of the third kind continued

There has been a cormoran in Brewery Bay/Leacock for a couple of weeks - don't know if it is always the same one. Since the other birds don't usually react to me I assume the cormoran adopted a similar strategy and saved energy.

Made me happy.