Saturday 29 February 2020

Thoughts on "cold" and wind chill

The following were taken on Friday, from a collection of 14 if you are interested.

First what is "cold"?

This made me cold just to think about it - and yet maybe a pair of solar lights looking at the north sky for the past several years, with narry adrop of golden sun - is also a reminder of what is cold -

Maybe tied with this is a bouquet from December when it was warmly given and also so received?

Beyond this is the terrace, now full of snow -

The cold gets to me when I see summer canoes buried in cold -

So what will March bring? Rain is in the forecast for Monday! Winter has been interesting - but will not last for ever.


Thursday 13 February 2020

Bogged down in Winter

I just realized that I have not written to you, or 2U or UU, for a very long time, The  snow has been deep but the rains have reduced the impact. Also the winds have blown much away. Still, when the winds drop, it has been an interesting time.

The weight of Winter weighs heavily on all signs, not just of life. I have squeezed a little colour from the landscape around midday on Wednesday,

Red granite and some red dogwood for contrast to the glacial blue.

So now you have some idea of Winter?

And, oh yes, it is very cold  -

Wise old Bird