Saturday 22 June 2019

Summer has arrived = Summer Solstice

A small taste of light and sound from the Anishnaaabe:

Since sound travels at about 3sec/km and the fireworks are 10km away, the sounds from the first burst don't arrive until the end.

wise old bird

PS At Plus 19C this was much much warmer than on New Year's eve/Hogmanay/Silvester, maybe proving "native" intelligence?

Thursday 20 June 2019

McGee Creek Revisited

June 24th, 2016:

June 18th, 2019:

Difficult to believe!  That was looking west, down stream from the bridge. Now let us look  upstream on July 2nd 2016:

And on Tuesday June 18, 2019:

Evidently the cattle have not been using this pasture recently this year - maybe one ought to contemplate growing wild rice or "manoomin "   and let the beaver help. Would the Conservancy enter into a partnership with the grower to help sell the rice? Maybe one could encourage the beaver to build the dam upstream from the bridge to increase the flooding- However, from time to time, the dam would have to be lowered to maintain a flow of water needed by the "manoomin". Let global heating come!

Wise Old Beard