Saturday 30 May 2015

Life on Board

It was a good life and I had difficulty remembering to take photos! (Pitty!)
Everyone had fun:

A lot of talent as well as friendly service.

Seas were fair and calm - had to use a "spirit level"!

Seeing double as time goes by!

And an "elevated" selfie:
from the 9th deck.

Have a pleasant evening - W O B

Aegean Odyssey cruise end of April to May 11

Vicki and I are back from a cruise on a small boat to Greek and Turkish islands in the eastern Mediterrean, starting and ending in Istanbul. This entry is about the boat, MV Aegean Odyssey which is small for cruises, only 380 passengers and 180 crew. For comparison, docked beside us in Istanbul was the MSC Magnifica
It had a crew of over 1000 and had more than 2500 passengers. 
This shot was taken in Istanbul.

Or take the Croisieres de France Horizon  with over 1800 passengers and nearly 700 crew, seen beside our boat in Athens at Piraeus:

Note its length at position 6 vs ours  at position 5 on the harbour map:
I did not see the boat docked at position 8!
Here are some more harbour settings taken on return from onshore excursions - the photos usually name the harbour:

Note the size of the private Mexican yacht, 3rd photo up. The next harbour is Mykonos:
Then Kavala:
(The sloping line is not horizon! It is a marking in the sea.)
And last from our visit to Troy, the harbour of Canakkale, Turkey:

The next entry might show a more inside-out view.


Monday 25 May 2015

Thr Dragons have returned

Old friend of 50 years, Doug, and I went for a couple of short-distance walks on Sunday, Doug to see birds, I to find (?) birds for Doug.  We took lots of photos.

Here are a few I took of dragonflies.

First along the rail trail south of #12:
Note how the feet are folded forward to catch prey:
I wondered who was going to catch whom:

It was difficult to get them to stay still:

We also went over to the Langman sanctuary for other dragonflies:

Can anybody ID this bird for me!
Have a great week.


Friday 22 May 2015

The Gravity of May 22

Have you ever thought about gravity, seriously? I mean always "down" and "up" is difficult?
I went for a short walk this afternoon to see what "Mariposa" was doing to keep things in order.
First I noticed that the poles carrying electricity had to be tied down, probably to fight inflation?

But then I saw how unruly the poles were - really stepping out of line:

These poles really had to be tied down :

Still there were an amazing number showing their independence:

I think it is time to "all change" for the Picadilly Line!