Tuesday 27 April 2021

Red and Yellow Trilliums

 I was out wandering, wool-gathering as it were, when Vicki notice the yellow Trilliums.

They do not appear to be the "true" Yellow

Rather, they appear with Red Trilliums  more or less as a colour morph:

 Here is a link to identifying Trilliums 101

In detail - shape and size the 2 resemble each other, too, also to opening at the same time, ahead of the White Trillium:

Vicki has seen them in other years.


Monday 26 April 2021

Two is company but three is great

 The following occurred near Lake Simcoe on Wednesday April 21. I was passing a tiny "ditch" of water when "something" caught my eye. And now I am "all at sea" so to speak.


Saturday 24 April 2021

Sooner or later ...

 It was toward the end of our walk,

Returning from the Villages of Leacock,

I heard that haunting sound - where was it?

High up , off to the left, a colur, RED! Could it be?


I hope my sister will be pleased     

The Grackle


The grackle's voice is less than mellow,
His heart is black, his eye is yellow,
He bullies more attractive birds
With hoodlum deeds and vulgar words,
And should a human interfere,
Attacks that human in the rear.
I cannot help but deem the grackle
An ornithological debacle.


Thursday 22 April 2021

Spring is "flaky" with Covid

 `This wasn't unexpected. Nobody here should change tires for Summer before May 24, and dear Kate did before April 24. So there! Her fault. I have not even booked my appointment, although I know when my 2nd Covid shot is due.

And the results can be seen.

Two hours earlier, before hearing what Kate did, it was still noticeable:

I wonder what else can happen?


It is a "Rocky World" with a flavour of Marshmallows!

 Welcome to a brave new Spring, 2021.

Impressions from yesterday:

What great horns you have!

The similarity of the 2 nests suggests  time-sharing?

And now for something more down to Earth - mutual admiration? The heron had just caught a fish and the mergansers are courting. Their heads are nodding together as they swim toward me.

Am I ever fortunate, not wise, just lucky to be alive and a part of the more important programme.


Sunday 18 April 2021

Still missing

 I have been searching without success - but some of my misses have been interesting, at least to me.

From Mothering Sunday, May 2013 at Grant's Woods:

Still aiming for all red.

Maybe I should admit to be being colour blind ?

Or ought I try "Black and white and read all over"?

wobbily OB

Friday 16 April 2021

Foggy wet Friday

 I love my sister - she is so nice to me! I love Vicki too. How lucky can one person be?

Still. Anne teases me about those red birds she calls Cardinals.  They are always singing for her

before I arrive for a visit or - you can guess - just after I leave. And it is not as though I dislike the St Louis Cardinals, either.

So, Anne, I saw this not-quite-red bird, not quite a cardinal with burnt "buffalo wings".. And not even yesterday, either,

Actually there were two:

Some day I may graduate to a completely red bird!


Friday 2 April 2021

"Green Thursday" oder Grün Donnerstag

 For someone who has experienced 

And something to cool the savaged or ravaged brow -

Schlaf gut lieber Volker,

kluge alte Vogel