Sunday 20 June 2021

Hunting the wild Canadian Tiger

 After our friend Ken posted what he and Susan had seen a 'big, black thing' sitting in one of the roosts 75 feet above the ground  on June 8, I went back on Wed June 16. I did not expect to see much because bears are so camera-shy.

Even more shy are tigers, especially Canadian tigers in the wild:



When I saw the stripes moving in the undergrowth, I froze stock still and waited:

Would it step out into the clearing?

Nothing is sharp - was I really that nervous? Or was it the excitement?

A quick glimpse:

Still a lot of fuzz, but definitely not Snoopy -

However, finally my "luck" changed and I had some clear shots at the Canadian Tiger - a hard Tail to Swallow!

Better luck next time - WOB

Thursday 17 June 2021

The "Hand of Man" - the barrier between us and Nature

 I spent several hours walking alone yesterday.  I took over 300 photos - so where to start?

This was the first one.

And it seemed to me then as now that my world is very strongly divided. I talked to this bird and it reassured me that it hoped to "make it". It gave me some hope, too. Maybe you will understand?


Sunday 13 June 2021

A "Forest" of Arrowheads

 Not too far from where I live - looking South -

and looking North .

and looking East for the quest:

Arrowheads, up but not yet in bloom. Maybe between 30 and 50 per meter of ditch.

Above -

Below -

And in between:

And all in the name of Arrowheads:

Maybe in a couple more weeks there will be some flowers.


Friday 11 June 2021

Cold Lights on a warm Evening

Toby, Vicki and I were out Thursday evening searching for bats - and we heard some, not many but a few and probably sounds from a couple of species plus crickets, frogs - maybe 3 or 4 species amd Whip-poor-wills - a couple or so at a couple of sites along the Black River.

And fireflies:

And afterwards it began to rain. So did that mean a low pressure system with insects at ground level? And why we heard fewer bats?

Wise - what-do-I-know-about-bats - Oul' Bird

Thursday 10 June 2021

Incomplete; future indefinite - 2024 or 50 by 30?

 I was up at 4AM.

After opening my eyes it was 4:43

North-east toward  the Chippewas of Rama First Nation, also known as Chippewas of Mnjikaning and Chippewas of Rama Mnjikaning First Nation on whose traditional lands I also live, I hope in peace and as a good neighbour.

Vicki and I then drove into Orillia, to the harbour and set up:

And watched a a Great Blue Heron fly by:

It was then 5;30AM

This Sun is rising over Rama has it has done  since people first lived here, once upon a time.

I knew this was going to happen. And this gives me hope that Mother Nature's Laws will be fullfilled even if wee humans choose to ignore them at our peril. We are all immigrants; we are all minorities.

Is there a glimmer of hope, that we humans will someday understand?