Sunday 20 June 2021

Hunting the wild Canadian Tiger

 After our friend Ken posted what he and Susan had seen a 'big, black thing' sitting in one of the roosts 75 feet above the ground  on June 8, I went back on Wed June 16. I did not expect to see much because bears are so camera-shy.

Even more shy are tigers, especially Canadian tigers in the wild:



When I saw the stripes moving in the undergrowth, I froze stock still and waited:

Would it step out into the clearing?

Nothing is sharp - was I really that nervous? Or was it the excitement?

A quick glimpse:

Still a lot of fuzz, but definitely not Snoopy -

However, finally my "luck" changed and I had some clear shots at the Canadian Tiger - a hard Tail to Swallow!

Better luck next time - WOB

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