Saturday 14 January 2023

Ontario Rocks - especially in Muskoka

 This is not "Head Bashed In" jump, but rather the place where a girl ran toward this cliff face and sank to her waist in snow. She was quite surprised - I guess we weren't expecting someone to nearly disappear before our eyes, either.

The teeth of Winter? Muskoka Rocks On.

(As in Ontario)


Sunday 1 January 2023

Echo Rock

 There are pictographs here.

However, I think that "here" the reason for the pictographs is that voices echo here. The channel is quite narrow.

It is Nature's palette in colour and sound. It helped that it had rained for several hours before as Brian and I paddled eastward.

Then we paused to watch the natural play of water with water, droplets with surface tension:

Such "dancing":


Highway Six Zero

 Sometimes the water interacts with the air at freezing temperature. Some scenes from Algonquin Park in February 2013.

Now the details of the interplay:


I hope W-O- Mitchell might be pleased.


Raindrops keep falling on my head

 So it has been said that it is the exception that proves the rule: the sunshine city of Maraposa, aka Orillia has received many hours of rain - welcomed by "just" a meter of already very heavy snow. It has not been the pitter-patter of reindeer that has been keep us awake - rather the water board at the edge of our balcony that has been "ringing the hours". 


Inspiration for today's entry into art.

And now for something else:

The setup:

That was nearly a decade ago.

The art almost before NIAP:

The art after both Pierre and "Nancy" have had their influence, "En plein Air", just a few months ago:

So is it "Prosit" oder "Prost" und warum?

Happy Neues Jahr - WOB

May your cup runneth over with joy and happiness.