Friday 10 November 2017

The Day after the Night before

Minus 15C it was but now it is much hotter:

Snow on the balcony:

That is, inside and out.

The terrace is white - the view around 10am.

(Tudhope Park to the East)

And time to begin my dream of "white water" canoeing:

And the geese are getting fat - they aren't the only beings doing so, unfortunately.

So what does a young man think about after such an event?

I am feeling warmer already.


Thursday 9 November 2017

Its Official! Summer Time is Over

Had to happen - Vicki and I went swimming, testing our new goggles and snorkels. The hot tub was wonderful, Mexico here we come:

    -6C  according to
I am still in shorts - mad dogs and w i s e   o l d   b i r d s ???
See you at Christmas if the bull sharks don't get me first.