Saturday 2 November 2019

Reflecting thoughts

Memories of a pleasant walk:

Time to "fall back" into the arms, or hands of time - WOB

I had this gnawing thought ...

OK, I thought this might grab some attention - men don't think, and what about wise old birds, then? So our friend, Kathleen is camera-shy but can read a watch and so around 4pm she told me to get out and photograph "her" porcupine who, as we all know, can read time, especially dinner time.

So I usually do as I am told - being successfully domesticated for some time - and set out to trod where dangerous beasts of the forest dwell - like bear.

I was terrified?  What - me?  No Christmas cake in danger.

I was not an apple so I stood my ground:

(I hid behind an apple tree!)


Friendly fellow -

So how did you do carving pumpkins?


Friday 1 November 2019

First of Snowember!

It was a dark and stormy night after all the ghosts and goblins had been whisked off to bed.

Not much for Santa to go on and the air temperature was above zero.

And toward Rama:

The winds - over 50kmh at times, making it difficult to sleep - must try harder!