Saturday 25 July 2020

Hard Day's Night

Just a quick look at "Looking Up" with flash and a long exposure of Moon and Vicki - looking up!

She had found the comet but the white thing above her is probably a nearby moth. The Moon is left of centre, above centre and is over exposed - too much flash?


Friday 24 July 2020

It is hard to Swallow!

This afternoon, and the livin' is easy:

What will they do on Saturday night?


Wednesday 22 July 2020

2 Vacances at Harry's Corner - soon, apply within

When the rains started both Osprey chicks became quite active.

Kinda like "Ten in the bed and thelittle one said_ "Roll over, roll over"
They all rolled over and one fell out ... until "alone at last"

Not bad - and with an audience, too!

Free delivery of fish is about to end.


Tuesday 21 July 2020

A Post Card Home

An interesting evening ending at Leacock's home. Looking out I could see the comet NEOWISE in a
postcard setting:

Earlier I saw the comet below the Big Dipper with the space station in the foreground.

Calm 19°C and only a few mosquitos

Bass Lake from the end of Line #13- 50 photos.


Sunday 12 July 2020

A Tale of Tails, one red, one fishy

Vicki spotted this:

and so we turned around to see if we could get a better view of this Red-tailed Hawk:

It is easy, now!, to see how it got its name:

And then it flew away:

So we drove on to #6 and the road to Avery Point:

Am I conspicuous?

This bird was not in any hurry,

And you can see why - the patience of a successful fisher

So again we drove on - to enjoy a picnic while watching our favourite family of Osprey:

There is a family of 4 but one adult was away from the nest on another pole and so I concentrated on these 3:

I have several dozen shots of family life; however, I am going to call it here. The adult is in the centre. My goal was to catch it bathing in the pool near the car. Will have to wait for another day.


Wednesday 8 July 2020

How to see comet NEOWISE

The following is link to a daily newsletter, EarthSkyNews and their article.

The first 2 are my photos from yesterday morning with the finderchart for the ISS from "Heavens Above" for Orillia

I have troubles with the colour of the ISS in my photo.
Here is a photo from a reader in Italy who posted on Earth Observatory:

And finally, what the comet looked like to people on the ISS:

Auriga is the group of stars seen rising before the comet -

The chart does not show any planet, or wanderer - so no Venus. However, I expected more from the CBC

Hope everyone is safe, well/healthy, and lucky with the observing. And do subscribe to these sites.


Tuesday 7 July 2020

New Wisdom for the Wise Ol' Bird?

In a program to detect objects in orbits near the Earth, the comet NEOWISE

or Comet C/2020 F3.

I had no trouble finding it/seeing it this morning around 4AM, left of very bright Venus and below the bright star Capella;

The "Vee" for Venus at the right, then on the left, between the 2 red lines is the comet and tail stretching upward to the star Capella between 2 red lines just under the top edge of the cropped photo. The lights at bottom left are on the artifical island at the entrance to Orillia harbour, while the lights on the right are across Lake Couchiching toward Rama.