Sunday, 12 July 2020

A Tale of Tails, one red, one fishy

Vicki spotted this:

and so we turned around to see if we could get a better view of this Red-tailed Hawk:

It is easy, now!, to see how it got its name:

And then it flew away:

So we drove on to #6 and the road to Avery Point:

Am I conspicuous?

This bird was not in any hurry,

And you can see why - the patience of a successful fisher

So again we drove on - to enjoy a picnic while watching our favourite family of Osprey:

There is a family of 4 but one adult was away from the nest on another pole and so I concentrated on these 3:

I have several dozen shots of family life; however, I am going to call it here. The adult is in the centre. My goal was to catch it bathing in the pool near the car. Will have to wait for another day.


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