Friday 31 March 2017

The Tortoise and the Hare

Actually, I was about to post this item yesterday evening when I was quite literally snowed under. I'll try now when it is merely raining.

Strictly, I think it is more about turtles  -

and I felt I had a chance to "win" my road race with them since they are not allowed to enter until May - they may not march in March. However, the organizers cautioned me about trying that rule since I obviously exceeded 60 by a decade of decadence, "fallen", about to where my waist was. Also
I was not a "hare" - rather more hairless if one might be excused for using "more" for "less"  - English! No selfies for confirmation of any of these statements.

The race "began" at "P" on Old Barrie Road.
It was hard not to smile at this, part way down the hill, on my left side:

I called this "Winter Half Over" and of course, the next day it snowed those pesky white insects.

My run was uphill:

Up hill and head wind

Long hill!

The downhill on the other side is a welcome sight - until one realizes that one has to return:

At the bottom:

Now the run back:

Also uphill all the way and a headwind again.
But what a view:
Like a herd of turtles:

There were a few patriotic spectators out to view the spectacle.

And home - slow and steady wins the race - ah!


Thursday 30 March 2017

March Lamb

Lambs are usually white - except for the black sheep in the family. And March traditionally has two faces - that of a lion and that of a lamb. And our resident Groundhog -

saw its shadow on Feb 2 = 6 weeks of winter. Usually one thinks consecutive weeks but I have not been able to find the written contract anywhere. Sooo tonight, no fooling around:

"Stop messin' about"!


Tuesday 28 March 2017

Foggy Outlook - still from Monday afternoon

I was struck by how dense the filaments were, how they changed like waves of Spring breaking on Winter's shoreline.

Not much colour, not much light but  alittle is sometimes just right:

Can hardly wait to see how the spiders respond to this gentle weave.


Monday 27 March 2017

Foggy Park

I took these also this afternoon while biking.

And a fine setting for one of Orillia's favourite sons - I listen to GL more than 50 years ago.

Should not forget the little folk:
And their grandparents:
Maybe tomorrow I'll post another theme from today's outing.


Foggy - condo

And the only thing I did wrong was to save her from the foggy foggy dew

I ran in the morning. I biked in the afternoon. I swam at night.
And the only, only thing that I ever did wrong

was to save her from the foggy foggy dew.