Friday 31 March 2017

The Tortoise and the Hare

Actually, I was about to post this item yesterday evening when I was quite literally snowed under. I'll try now when it is merely raining.

Strictly, I think it is more about turtles  -

and I felt I had a chance to "win" my road race with them since they are not allowed to enter until May - they may not march in March. However, the organizers cautioned me about trying that rule since I obviously exceeded 60 by a decade of decadence, "fallen", about to where my waist was. Also
I was not a "hare" - rather more hairless if one might be excused for using "more" for "less"  - English! No selfies for confirmation of any of these statements.

The race "began" at "P" on Old Barrie Road.
It was hard not to smile at this, part way down the hill, on my left side:

I called this "Winter Half Over" and of course, the next day it snowed those pesky white insects.

My run was uphill:

Up hill and head wind

Long hill!

The downhill on the other side is a welcome sight - until one realizes that one has to return:

At the bottom:

Now the run back:

Also uphill all the way and a headwind again.
But what a view:
Like a herd of turtles:

There were a few patriotic spectators out to view the spectacle.

And home - slow and steady wins the race - ah!


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