Wednesday 8 March 2017

Go fly a kite, Part II with gusts up to 80kmh!

Well, we still have a long way to go to open water. However, there has been some interest in kite flying, so I thought I would fly back to Oct 15, 2010, I think a Friday?  when I observed these daring young people on their flying trapezes. First a "total view northward toward Washago:

The island just left of the flagpole is Horseshoe and is 6km away. There is a green channel marker near the leftmost kiter that is 1km away - it is sometimes seen in an image well infront of the left end of Horseshoe although parallax - my shifting position on the balcony - can cause its position to shift slightly. So now lets see how one gets "up":
Upper body strength is required - as in a chin-up.
The kite is fortunately already "up":
Now let me show you a sequence of 7 shots as another kite flys by:

Confusing? Here are 2 jumpers - several meters through the air and several meters above the ends of their wakes:

And they are not alone, either on Oct 15:



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