Saturday 25 March 2017

Earth Hour

The first Earth Hour was on Mar 31, 2007 in Australia.
Here in English
Hier - auf Deutsch

Like our water, the earth deserves to be supported every day, all year round. Thinking about our time on earth also brings to mind those who are no longer with us. I especially wish to recall a very generous hour with our friend, Al, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  back in October 2015.

Al was a very generous person, friend, mentor. I want to write to him just about every day to share with him what I am doing.

Take a moment to look at the aurora that evening - and then turn off your computer and go out side.

The Pleiades above the "V" of Taurus


    The Merry Dancers

    Ursa Major - the Big Dipper

May the memories last me a lifetime - W O B

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