Monday 21 March 2022

Seeing Red

 I heard a song from near this nest:

Moving around some more I saw:

Red but not red enough.

Red, but you know what I mean - not Queen Anne's lace red. 



However, I heard the song and low and behold my first for this year:

Lovely afternoon walk.


Monday 14 March 2022

The Chains that bind

 The snow has stopped, the sun has riz,

I wonder where the birdies iz

It looks like a break out.



Sunday 13 March 2022

It's Summer Time! Hurray - school is out for March break-out of Covid

 It snowed most of the day - so much for summer time, also known as daylight savings time. Does not bother me - I took off my watch a decade ago and had all the time in the world.

Word has gone out to clean up our beaches for our European visitors who are accustomed to playing beach volleyball on pristine white coral sands. So we went from:


Not quite coral, not quite quartz - but white and crystalline nevertheless.


Welcome to Orillia is reflected in our warm blue/azure Mediterranean waters -

Our sun banks and beach umbrellas have been deployed in advance of the crush of tourists:

The stands for the beach volleyballs games have been cleared. Spectators receive a warning as they approach that disorderly conduct will not be tolerated - as they file past the red patti wagon.

Yours to enjoy,

Yours truly,



Thursday 10 March 2022

Its Groundhog Day again - it is about "time"

 I don't understand politicians and meteorologists but on Sunday it will be Summer  here in Mariposa.

And to celebrate just short of 6 weeks from February 2 we saw a GH frolicking in the snow below.

Looks quite fat and happy - too much time spent in Covid isolation?

And now we are ready to "Spring"

into Summer:

Happy Landing - WOB

Tuesday 1 March 2022

It is unlikely that the bird will sit in a well-lit spot for you

 What are the essentials to ID?

 I was out wool-gathering yesterday when I spotted this mass of colour:

Easy to understand why I gave this entry that title.


And then the birds gave lie to that  - must be "winter rules"?



Both sides - now! And the eyes are sharp and alert:

And away they all flew like the ...

lucky ol' bird