Thursday 10 March 2022

Its Groundhog Day again - it is about "time"

 I don't understand politicians and meteorologists but on Sunday it will be Summer  here in Mariposa.

And to celebrate just short of 6 weeks from February 2 we saw a GH frolicking in the snow below.

Looks quite fat and happy - too much time spent in Covid isolation?

And now we are ready to "Spring"

into Summer:

Happy Landing - WOB


  1. I welcome these excellent photos of frolicking creatures as signs of spring -- there haven't been too many other visual signs this snowy March! But when the sun shines, one can hear (and sometimes glimpse) the birds singing energetically -- in particular of course, my favourite and yours, the cardinals. Listen here for the arrival of spring

  2. Thanks for the video link - very interesting how the cardinal uses both "windpipes" to generate the song.