Friday 20 October 2017

Orionid at 12min past midnight . with Vicki

I don't shoot one of these every day so forgive me if I am hasty this once:

Pleiades at the top; Aldebaran and Hyades below. This is cropped from a wide angle shot containg Orion. Some of the colour was also visible to the eye. We were dark adapted. The motion is from
lower left to upper right and took about a second. There was a very brief persisting train also of 1 second or less. It dissipated very rapidly.

I took 25 exposures of 30 seconds each with readout times of approx 30 sec. So Vicki and I watched for approx 30min with 12.5min of exposure time. After a quick look (now) I could only see the one that we also saw visually. No moon, but scattered light from villages around the shore of Lake Simcoe - we were at the foot of Woodlawn - and there was much cirrus, not a photometric night.