Wednesday 27 April 2022

This afternoon near Mariposa

See Postscript, too - Thursday's edition. wob


 I went over to the Leacock Museum this afternoon to do some bird watching - like

Gold Finch, Mergansers, Grackles - standing stock still. When an elderly gentleman walked up to me and was startled. "I thought you were one of these silly Leacock figures"_

I answered: "You aren't far off, are you!"


PS In the words of Victor Borge -  " I don't usually do requests - unless I am asked"

There was a request for a selfie. And then there was the fear I might be turned into one of Leacock's characters if he were alive today. And then the comment about my wardrobe. So I include an unpremeditated photo Vicki took of me more than 2 years ago while I was being encouraged to get a haircut. (Wed March 18, 2020)

Thursday 14 April 2022

Maundy Thursday

 It was actually March 27, 1997 when I took this photo:

The choir was singing in preparation for Easter  on this evening, Grün Donnerstag

Ostern: Warum heißt es Gründonnerstag?

In July 2021, a person standing near this spot looked to the right and saw and photographed this scene:


 The foreground is the flooding - there are roads left and right of the central stream. Note the 2 houses in the centre, where the flood bends to the left. A couple of days later they formed this background:

The houses are behind the 2 men on the right. The guard rails are now above water - they were the 2 lines down the middle in the first, flood scene.

And I think of the Ukraine. Now it is not quite obvious. However, these 2 men are not 20km away from

this flood but are separated by many years from this event - they have defused an unexploded bomb from world war II. And there more in the Ukraine, now.

This is remembrance day for many of us. We are all connected until the red button gets pushed.

Remember birds kill more birds than does sustainable energy devices.


Saturday 2 April 2022

Funny you should say that - II - or two, or even too!

 It started about a week or so ago with this cartoon:

I read it from left to right and got "stuck" on "China shop/Candy store" - what is the difference between a shop and a store?

I did what every modern connected person does these days, I googled it:

"In British English, a building or part of a building where goods are sold is usually called a shop. Are there any shops near here? In American English, this kind of building is usually called a store, and shop is only used to mean a very small store that has just one type of goods."


 So, next, I am "reading" bottom right and am puzzled by the little reindeer animal. Now I stop and

wait for it



- as in "When all else fails"

So I start at the top and work down and then it is as crystal clear as nothing is in a china shop. So it is

as happy as a child/British, kid/American in a candy store. But wait, which came first, child or kid?

And then why call the little animal a kid, goat? Turns out a baby goat has been called a kid for centuries, but a child has only been called a kid, das Kind, die Kinder, der Kindergarten, for just a couple hundred years. So this  homonym has only been around for a short time while bulls have been in china shops since the first kiln. By the way did you know that the practice of putting milk in the tea cup before pouring the tea was to prevent the cup from breaking. Cheap cups would crack when hot tea was poured in first. In better quality "china" one did not need the milk. I suspect that tea was originally served in Asia in clay cups. And I personally like it with a touch of either orange or lemon

So let me now show more images about wind chill feeling unliked by nearly everyone. The photos were taken about the same time as those in the previous entry but toward Rama.. The wind is driving the snow so that Rama is not visible (it would be just right of the double tree) and so the landmarks that come and go are Tudhope Park on the right and Couchiching Point about 1km further away and left. Our terrace is visible in the lower right corner of the 1st image.

Wind chill leads to short attention spans so it is also fortunate that the scene changes rapidly.


Friday 1 April 2022

Funny you should say that ---

 My brain began to over cook around the Vernal Equinox - Summer aka daylight savings time was declared. And while the temperature plummeted to minus too much it then bounced - ever seen Mercury bounce? Neither have I - it tends to "bead" - to +15°C although the weathernet said it was + 18°C. 

So the problem, at least here is that weather is given in English, rather than in some unambiguous language like Latin, classical Greek or German!

I think I am related to the English - those of you who know me also know why I think that might be so. So what does it mean to be "English"?

To put this last point into context:

So, what I am getting at is the word "like"  - I like you a bushel and a peck From "Guys and Dolls"

When the temperature is a balmy -13°C but there is a gale that would make a huricane blush, and the weathernet says it feels "like"   -23°C - there is really nothing to "like" about it! 

So there!  The orange tent is nearly 1km away, the island in the background is 6km away. Good luck to liking!

The wind is whipping up the snow and lashing it against anything and anyone in its way.

How do you "like" our refugee camp?