Friday 1 April 2022

Funny you should say that ---

 My brain began to over cook around the Vernal Equinox - Summer aka daylight savings time was declared. And while the temperature plummeted to minus too much it then bounced - ever seen Mercury bounce? Neither have I - it tends to "bead" - to +15°C although the weathernet said it was + 18°C. 

So the problem, at least here is that weather is given in English, rather than in some unambiguous language like Latin, classical Greek or German!

I think I am related to the English - those of you who know me also know why I think that might be so. So what does it mean to be "English"?

To put this last point into context:

So, what I am getting at is the word "like"  - I like you a bushel and a peck From "Guys and Dolls"

When the temperature is a balmy -13°C but there is a gale that would make a huricane blush, and the weathernet says it feels "like"   -23°C - there is really nothing to "like" about it! 

So there!  The orange tent is nearly 1km away, the island in the background is 6km away. Good luck to liking!

The wind is whipping up the snow and lashing it against anything and anyone in its way.

How do you "like" our refugee camp?


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