Wednesday 27 April 2022

This afternoon near Mariposa

See Postscript, too - Thursday's edition. wob


 I went over to the Leacock Museum this afternoon to do some bird watching - like

Gold Finch, Mergansers, Grackles - standing stock still. When an elderly gentleman walked up to me and was startled. "I thought you were one of these silly Leacock figures"_

I answered: "You aren't far off, are you!"


PS In the words of Victor Borge -  " I don't usually do requests - unless I am asked"

There was a request for a selfie. And then there was the fear I might be turned into one of Leacock's characters if he were alive today. And then the comment about my wardrobe. So I include an unpremeditated photo Vicki took of me more than 2 years ago while I was being encouraged to get a haircut. (Wed March 18, 2020)


  1. Thanks for this laugh, Bill. Be careful out there while walking! Were Leacock still alive and living there, he would surely turn you into one of his stories!


  2. Leacock continues to give laughter to us all! I think you need to add more colour to your wardrobe to be mistaken for one of these statues!! But, yes, no doubt Leacock could have crafted a character in a story based on you!