Monday 16 May 2022

What do astronomers do on their night out?

 Vicki and I went out to see the total lunar eclipse totally obscured by clouds, more or less. Does that make it more than 100% total?

Here are some of our impressions:

Slow learners, or what? The missing photos if you look at the number IDs look like the rest,

Then it rained for necessities of life,


Monday 9 May 2022

Why did the chicken cross the road - a fowl joke.

 Vicki and I were out for a drive checking some of our favourite watering holes where there is water! And we found some Greater Yellowlegs on their way north. So a degree of accomplishment. So we decided to try our luck where we had seen a Trumpeter pair in other years but nothing there recently.

We stopped the car and saw nothing. A tinge of sadness. When suddenly, and I do mean suddenly, a white Trumpeter was spotted flying directly towards us/car. It landed not 20m from us and continued toward us swimming! We got out of the car and waited to see what would happen next.

The story of K75.

Now Vicki is standing to my left, to the birds right. So it looks like the bird is going to walk between us?

Can you see "K75" on its  yellow wing tag? Vicki is is off to the right.

And so having been greeted, the bird entered the water and swam away!

I have more photos but I think you get the picture. And to all a pleasant Mothers' Day.


Friday 6 May 2022

Almost at the same stage as the red Trilliums were the yellow ones

 I found these right where Vicki said they were . she noticed them the past 2 years. They appear when the reds appear - so a couple of days before the more traditional white Trilliums of this area.

The tree in the first photo left side, is the same one in the bottom photo right side. I have moved about a meter to the left between photos.


Thursday 5 May 2022

This afternoon while "fishing" in the "valley"

 I had a bite almost immediately:

Then I looked to see if the "red" were running:

So were the white this far along? No.

But almost:

And so to "EL's" clump:

It was alone in its greenery. Still quite a complex after our 2 years of observing.

And then the wise old so and so saw a Pileated! Can you see it?


 So maybe there is potential in the wise ol' bird?

Here it is cropped and enlarged for the rest of us:

And I followed with my deaf ears!