Friday 24 March 2017

Water - the visible flow of time

The thought of water didn't leave me alone today. Actually every day ought to be water day. Life on earth goes back approx 4,000 million years and so does "our" association with water.

Yesterday, my images were all "down stream" from me - the flow of time, and life. Today another life flowed away, someone who has known me all my life. I thought maybe I would look upstream before turning in tonight. Maybe upstream is more optimistic? A promise of times to come?

At first the Creek is difficult to make out.

Can you see where the beaver were active?

And then just when we want to wade into our thoughts we meet a 3-strand barbed wire fence!

Anchored on the left:
And on the right:

We might get tangled in the fence - but not time, not winter, not water

A wonderful full life. Thank you - Bill

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