Wednesday 22 March 2017

Mink 73 to 1

If I had "shot" the animal it would be gone; however, if I photograph it 73 times in 57 minutes it is still there for you to enjoy. So that is why I prefer photography to guns. Over an hour time interval one begins to recognize some of the character of the mink - only one. Ellie had alerted me to the possibilities earlier. And so I was looking for tracks of anything along the stream.

I think these are old, sublimated snow, wind erosion, not crisp clear clean tracks just at the bridge, upstream side. I took these about 16:19 and then crossed the road to take the next one - not my first mink shot, but the first of the following sequence at 16:21

This caisson is camera 4m away from "the road" with a ditch, now nearly dry, between us.

The mink climbed up and proceeded to look out and listen. I was down wind and quiet  except for the camera shutter. It was windy and I moved about a little - put my hat under my arm because it threatened to blow off. The mink, I think, observed me but from the fact it went hunting, implies I was not of concern to it.

It then went back to the ground:

And was apparently successful. On site, I thought it was transferring a baby. However, at home, I think it caught a mole - can you see a clawed foot?

These last shots were on the run and somewhat closer to me - I'll try to do better next time!



  1. I think a mink coat looks better on a mink, don't you? And so efficient, 1:1, and a great fit, too