Friday 16 April 2021

Foggy wet Friday

 I love my sister - she is so nice to me! I love Vicki too. How lucky can one person be?

Still. Anne teases me about those red birds she calls Cardinals.  They are always singing for her

before I arrive for a visit or - you can guess - just after I leave. And it is not as though I dislike the St Louis Cardinals, either.

So, Anne, I saw this not-quite-red bird, not quite a cardinal with burnt "buffalo wings".. And not even yesterday, either,

Actually there were two:

Some day I may graduate to a completely red bird!



  1. Lovely. It's been years since I've seen a tanager. I couldn't help but notice the trilliums in the woods. They used to bloom around Mother's Day (i.e. first week of May) in Scarborough's Guild Inn forest but I expect it will be earlier this year. Now I live near the Don River - Serena Gundy and Sunnybrook Parks -- and I'm wondering where I might find trilliums. Surely they must be in the woods near the river? Oh yes, and I love you too, Bill!

  2. Thanks, dear Anne. I expect the Trilliums to start showing around May 1 - first come the Red Trilliums - by about 2-3 days, then the White. So maybe sample the valley every 2 days to catch the beginning of each. Maybe you can train Flynn? Ants are the pollinators I believe - maybe there is a smell associated with them that Flynn might register . if suitably rewarded!