Friday 23 September 2016

There is a Kormoran in my cayak

I took nearly 170 images in 17 minutes of a cormoran swimming/fishing around my kayak. It was sometimes only a meter or so away, sometimes up to 20m. It was free to come and go as it pleased. I have never fed any bird other than with a winter bird feeder. The behavior was unusual but did not appear to change over the 20 minutes that it chose my vicinity, I suspect from its trusting nature that it was a young bird with no bad experince - and I wonder whether I have done it a favour by being "nice" when its next experience might be its last. I talked with it in the hope that maybe next year if it returns I will again be tolerated/accepted.

The following is a subset of the images taken toward the end of the encounter showing how close the cormoran swam near the kayak.

The water was very shallow - less than 50cm. No shortage of fish.


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