Wednesday 14 September 2016

Scenes from my kayak - close to Leacock

I am going to take a pause for a little while. Thought I would leave you with some more impressions from yesterday. ( I was also out today and took about 100 so don't worry about lack of material!)

I think that this animal is a mink form its initial size and behavior but one image looks like a bigger animal? What do you think?

Then some mergansers -OK:

I will be away for awhile!

The following character spent quite some time with me - I eventually left because he wasn't going to catch much from its perch - on the other hand it was pleasantly warm:

Hope all the snow birds do as well.



  1. Nice catch of the mink (or whatever it is). But it could be one, as they can have a body length of up to 45 cm.

  2. I know that there are mink here. One parent let the kits play around the kayak - and I did not have the camera with me that day. And the behavior was that of a mink. However, that 2nd image of a brown animal causes me to think of other possibilities. The size is angular and I would need distance to convert the size to linear. The mink I have seen are much smaller than the otters I have seen. The otters tend to play in the water, the mink on the shore . but obviously not exclusively.