Thursday 13 April 2017

"Green" Thursday - oder Gründonnerstag - further evidence for Frühling

When I looked out this morning I noticed that for approx 1st time since Oct 27 2016, the snow was gone from the terrace.
This morning:
And it all began with our first snowfall back on Oct 27, 2016:

The snow didn't stay them - and it might come back tomorrow!

Nov 23:
And on Nov 24:
But ...
Nov 26 above and Nov 27 below
As the song goes, 24 little hours.

And then it seemed to be business as usual.
Dec 7
Dec 22:
Terrasse starting to fill up.
Feb 26 and Mar 24:

However, note that there was grass below, in the background.

The lamb-lion effort on March 30:

Kind of pretty, don't you think?
April 7 - 2 weeks ago:
However compare April 4, next, with April 9:

And then in quick succession:

April 11:
April 12:
And today, April 13, Green Thursday. Sort of sad, don't you think? Even if fitting and appropriate.


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