Sunday 9 April 2017

Evidence of Spring

The ice left the lake between Leacock and Tudhope out at least 2K to the north of here with just 13K further for the lake to be ice-free again. I have taken lots of images on Sat and Sun but here are a few special moments from Friday afternoon when the sun came out and all seemed well with the world. I also worked out on the bike, something I have not done since - will have to see about Monday but I am measuring water quality again - so maybe not for awhile.

These trees were up against the terrace wall. I then walked away to the beach:

I found the ripples fascinating.

When one gets close to something one begins to see in a different way:

Quite simple things like 2 birch trees reflected off melt water. Or trees with their bark coated with wind-driven snow from the night

The "Winter" snow could not embrace the trees for long. Spring sprang loose. Now I am going to look for a comet and further evidence for Spring. Have a great week.


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