Thursday 6 April 2017

I ran 5K yesterday

It rained this morning; it snowed this afternoon - I biked down strairs on the "interval" prog.

I don't want to have to show photographs of every run or route. However, for my European friends who might consider me to have become a flat-earth society member, I feel I ought to show a hill or two from the Oro Medonte Moraines.

So here was the initial short turn-around at "Line 14":

I di not actuall run up Line #14 but did turn around here some 250m from where I parked the car for another, "Trumpeter" blog entry for another day.

I ran past a "Century" farm - I know, nothing compared to "Kuchen" or "Cuchen" 's home of AD 800.

Here I ran down to Bass  Lake on Line 13:

From here I run a km or so up hill past old cedar fences, past old barns, to a solar farm set among cattle and tradition:

This old barn is set amidst a solar farm:

It is not much further to the top of the hill -

Don't forget the sunscreen!

The way back -

And then back past the "past"

I now feel comfortable at 5K - but I do not need the camera to unbalance me- So unless you have special requests - to see bear "Bär" or coyotes, etc., I may leave the camera at home.

One can get a buzz without the camera:


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