Tuesday 4 April 2017

Better educated

Let us get better educated people.
Global warming/climate change does not mean less snow! Here in southern Ontario it actually means more evaporation and more snow. Poor Newfoundland!

 Education is not free even if the pupils and students don't have to pay. Tax payers ought to do this willingly, as they support police and fire departments as  well. First rate education requires first rate teachers. Even if some of my friends and relatives think this is a soft job, I feel it it is not, if done correctly/properly
 - as in the good ol' days of the 1950s and '60s. From first rate students - like, eh hem, come first rate students, jobs and earnings that can be taxed. Unfortunately, a very long time after the government set up that educational structure.

And let us not forget, our health service - who is healthy,. kept healthy, works well and is socially a happy contributor to our society. Get that spiral turned around!


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