Sunday 23 April 2017

295 Images later

I have been busy - TO, Taxes, and Tiny - plus also a good Scout.

On Thursday evening walking with Muriel and Donald I was surprised at how little regard was given to seeing a robin. I like robins, especially European ones, but North American ones are also very colourful.

That was Thursday evening, between rain showers. (Along the rail trail, north of Division Road East.)
The bird was cold.
Today was another story, written in Scout Valley, at 16C and sunny:

I think quite attractive.

Yesterday at Tiny Marsh, it was a red squirrel that made it to this page:

The end of this tail.

Have a great week - W O B

For the comment below:

 (From Wed Oct 7, 2015, south of Leduc, Alberta, Canada - wob)

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  1. Thanks. I spent a lot of time trying to teach/catch the squirrel jumping from picnic table to tree. I have several out of focus trees! UC, I wanted a "flying squirrel"